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Ivey Nicole Smith is the creative founder of My Skin Is In, LLC. She created this company for every shy, timid emerging woman that is trying to learn how to embrace her beauty and conquer confidence but conflicted with the images in society that contradict what she sees in the mirror. For the gentleman, that wants to relax after a long day of serving everyone else with his hands. For the little girl that loves playing with all things that smell good and feel great putting on. My Skin is In is a reflection of who she is graced to be and what she hopes all will become: Luxurious. Bold. Confident.


MSII was developed out of the desire to promote self-care while using natural products to encourage others to embrace their skin. Often times we get busy with the day to day list in our lives and forget to take care of ourselves. Simply adding these handcrafted products to your daily and weekly regimen will remind you that you are worthy of enjoying life no matter your skin-tone! As a teen, she often compared my complexion to others thinking that she wasn’t enough. Ivey wanted her skin to change. Not realizing that there were so many others that struggled with the same self-image issue. As an adult, she is on a continuous journey to love every part of herself and hope that you will join in your own journey towards loving who you are created to be.

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