Dominique Harris

M.Div, Trinity International University

My Skin Is In! Today I say that as a declaration. However, that has not always been my sentiment towards my skin. As a child I suffered from severe eczema. And although I went through treatment, there are many things that I cannot apply to my skin. It is extremely sensitive. That is why when I was first introduced to MSII products, created by Ms. Ivey Nicole, I fell in love. She has transformed my old-school oatmeal bath experiences into full-on spa-like experiences.

Her “Oats and Honey Glaze” bath bombs, sugar scrub and body butter are my all time favorite. My latest customized fragrance which features lavender and oats has become my new nighttime favorite. I have noticed that using it regularly lends a natural luster to my skin. So even on the days where I may have been in a rush and forgot to moisturize... I did not look like I forgot!! Praise God! To be clear, I use 3 products on my skin, the first two being soap and water. MSII has a permanent place on my list!

Favorite product: Oats and Honey Body Butter


Wilbella Greer

Breast Cancer Survivor

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year (2019). My body went through sooo many changes! Already having sensitive skin, chemo left my skin even worse! I couldn’t really use any products because I was unsure how my body would respond. I would have uncontrollable itching spells! I asked Ivey to make me some fragrance free MSII Body Butter. I’m here to tell you.. the itching stopped!

After chemo was done, I had to do radiation. My radiation oncologist told me that I would probably have sores and burns. I started using MSII fragrance free only as my ointment after treatment. The doctors were amazed at how well my skin held up! I had very little damage to my skin!
I’m telling y’all.. MSII is healing in a jar! Thank you Ivey Nicole!!

***please consult a physician


Dr. Kamilah Stevenson

CEO of Healthy & Better

Before I encountered My Skin Is In, I was growing frustrated with skin products and their unknown chemical side effects to my skin. It was extremely hard for me to trust that a product could be healthy, smell amazing, and make your skin look spectacular. I had even gotten to the point where I would not wear any skin products, but I still desired to find something that could keep my skin less dry and healthy.

“My Skin Is In” was the product that I had been looking for, and I’ve been using it for years to know this. It does everything for my skin that I hoped for and more. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, shiny, and moisturized. The best part is that is smells phenomenal. I get several compliments throughout the day on how wonderful this product smells. It reassures me that I’m in good hands with MSII.

Without this product I’d still be struggling with dry skin, and the fear of how damaging it would be to settle for an average product that in the long run, doesn’t make me feel happy about the health of my skin; and, as an athlete and health advocator I need everything, including my skin, to be as healthy as possible. I'm so happy to have found a product that makes my skin feel good and look amazing, especially on pictures. Thank you Ivey for My Skin Is In!

Favorite product: Heavenly Cashmere Grace Gift Set