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A My Skin Is In Testimony

The below story is a directly written testimony sent to me with permission to publish. MSII is not a medical treatment and you should always consult a physician:

Bella’s Journey

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year. My body went through sooo many changes! Already having sensitive skin, chemo left my skin even worse! I couldn’t really use any products because I was unsure how my body would respond. I would have uncontrollable itching spells! I asked Ivey to make me some fragrance free Shea butter. I’m here to tell you.. the itching stopped!

After chemo was done, I had to do radiation. My radiation oncologist told me that I would probably have sores and burns. I started using MSII fragrance free only as my ointment after treatment. The doctors were amazed at how well my skin held up! I had very little damage to my skin!

I’m telling y’all.. MSII is healing in a jar!

Thank you Ivey Nicole!!”

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