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The Need to be Free

Interesting how we adapt, change and all the while remain the same. Have the same needs, the same desires and yet evolve differently speak differently and move differently. We all have desires to be more and see more for our lives to be filled with love and to reach out to meaningful moments that transcends space and time.

Our needs are the same. Just our expressions are different. Listen to what we each are saying and we will all find the same sound and heart yearning to be...

accepted and loved


warm and safe


free and without shame.

So why do we lock each other in? Why do we judge with such harshness? If when you see me you saw what you need why would you throw me away? Are you ashamed that your need is in me and that we are equally in need of more?

My desire to be free is overwhelmingly present of the need for something. Something that can not be contained to a definition or a moment. It’s essence to bridge me to hopes unseen and to know that I can share it with the world.

Let me be free so you can fly too.

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