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Elevate Your Standard

Often times we’ve are doing too much or you expect too much. Is it possible that we’ve been erroneously conditioned to be disappointed by the lack of more and have removed the hope of a greater experience in life because of laziness, self dependency or below average thinking?! Is it possible that you actually have diminished your standard because you lost hope in the people around you and ultimately yourself because of mistakes (ahem news are human and not God so mistakes happen)

I am currently combating in my life the lie that my standard is too high or unattainable and I’ve thus lost hope in it being achieved. I’ve been teased about it for as long as I can remember in a variety of situations and I got annoyed by it and was leaning towards saying “aww just forget the whole thing”! But what if God was really trying to take time to explain why I have to have a high standard? What if it was really to ingrain in my heart that my “set apart” life is for the masses and not just my “teeny lil box”?

What if the increased standard is so that there is a greater capacity for you to handle more for a greater impact?

Maybe the need for a “wait/pause/hold/not yet” season is so you can really understand the depth of your why and that you will ultimately never be able to be convinced out of the destiny assigned to your life. Think about where you’ve accepted a low standard simply because you gave up hope.

God wants us to elevate our standard of expectations, in our production of work, how people treat us, how we treat others and how we approach our spiritual development.

Today I am asking God to:

Elevate Hope.

Elevate Passion.

Elevate your vision for the impossible to occur!

Ivey Nicole

Owner of MSII

Originally posted on FB June 4,2019

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