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Celebration of Men

Our men are strong, resilient, ingenious, loving, funny, protectors, providers and they matter.

This project is an opportunity to be reminded of our every day heroes. An attempt to shift away from the images of hurt, pain and to see the value of the men who are with us.

The ones in our lives.

The ones that push and encourage and challenge each of us to be better, to try harder, and to think differently.

The men around us that are single fathers or future fathers.

Men that create business and remain consistent in the lives of those that they love.

Those that show up for an established family and become a parent.

Their skin radiates their power, their authority, their strength.

We celebrate them this month and thank them for being present in our lives.

Your skin is necessary.

Your skin matters to us.

Your feelings are valuable and your voice and opinions on matters are critical.

To the many men all around the world that are our every day heroes:

Your seed has the ability to transform a world. Seeds of life, seeds of wisdom, seeds of encouragement. We need your words to shape futures in confidence.

Follow My Skin Is In Instagram page to join the Celebration of Men challenge for the month of June and look out for daily features of men that are both everyday heroes and also use MSII products!

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is June 21st.

Place your order of MSII Men Ultimate Gift Set by Tuesday June16th for delivery to celebrate the men in your life!

On sale for only $50 for the full set through June 21st.

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