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Chicago First Bites...

It is a generational tradition of the women from my family to say “let me get a taste”. It’s an intimate moment to share a piece of what is in your plate. We do it naturally but with rules.

I taste yours from the side corner of their plate

Then I insist that you then you taste mine. You don’t ask for the last bite on someone’s plate and you always follow up the taste with a culinary critique of how you enjoy it or how it could be better.

It’s one of my “requirements” for marriage. Love God. Love Me. Let me taste your food. Lol top 3 easily.

I’ve learned to resist the need to ask everyone at the table for a taste but my mom and I at minimum know we will experience two meals in one sometimes ordering with the agreement of what we both want to try off of the other’s plate. It’s a great deal lol. It annoys my dad but he always lets her get a quick fork full; It’s his quiet way of saying...I love you for real girl!

Last year, I challenged myself to write a list of simple things I enjoy; tasting different foods is definitely one of them among, dancing in the car and sipping a great cup of coffee to name a few more.

So imagine my excitement when I saw the Chicago Restaurant Week post an event that included two of my favorite and museums. Eating food while at the museums! Glorious!

But here’s the thing...many other people will be there. It’s not that I don’t like people, I do. I just sometimes get overwhelmed but a lot of people at one time. Sometimes because I want to hear everyone’s story, ask them about their life and taste what’s on their plate (slightly kidding).

So, I went! I actually purchased my ticket, put a cute dress, of course I put My Skin Is In Body Butter on especially on those legs and I went! The conference event planner in me had to shut off at first onset, I was looking for a man in a butler’s tuxedo suit with an English accent to warmly greet me to the door and escort me to tasting heaven. Instead, it was welcoming volunteers who kindly directed me to the main event. It was wonderful, well laid out, tons of tasting options that I never experienced and all available for all of us to enjoy.

I did it! I went to an event that I wanted to go to and I didn’t back out! Although midway through I text my friend that I was ready to go but she made me stay to the end. The introvert in me felt like this is way too much to take on and that enough was enough.

Did anything magical happen, naw...but I did taste foods from 70 restaurants in one night and that’s pretty impressive to me and thus The Journey continues!

You can do it too!!!

~What do you like to do?

~What are some simple things that bring you joy?

~Look out for activities that are surrounded by what you like.

~Create a savings jar that is designated to fund just that...”fun”. So when the event comes up you won’t have the excuse that you can’t go.

Added lesson for the ladies...wear sensible shoes for a standing only event. Otherwise, the ends of your toes will feel like balls of hot lava rolling in the midst of pressured rocks.

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2 comentários

31 de jan. de 2020

Omg that’s amazing!


Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson
31 de jan. de 2020

Ivey thank you for being you. You are giving me the courage to be me. Because of you I took my daughter ice skating this past Saturday, and we had a ball! We will be returning tomorrow to take a lesson! Haha!! We certainly need it. But that's ok!

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