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Living out The Journey...

All the blog posts and websites about being single in life suggest that you should love your self, know yourself, date yourself etc. etc. I’ve read what feels like all of them, sat in all the classes (some really anointed) and others well..Meh, Amen. I’m not going to tell anyone else how to live out their single life because everyone has their own journey. I’m simply going to give you a peek in to mine; an example of this Christian woman who is coming out of her shell, processing all of the suggestions of “how to do single life” while exploring the adventures that this beautiful city of Chicago has to offer.

So, I’m deciding to open up my journey of self-discovery as a business owner, awkward moments and just fun activities to others. I hope to inspire, encourage and challenge the thought of others to be able to go beyond just the pages of your notes, journals and those inspiring Facebook posts we all “like and share”. Let’s put it into action! This is my way of keeping myself accountable to not be a workaholic (will chat about that later), get my married friends and my mother (love you mom) off of my back about not going out and for me to start actually doing the things that I love to do.

Some activities I will do alone and some I will join with some amazing people!

My Skin Is In Owner…Living out the Journey.

Last week was Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center in NYC! Checkout the pics below!

This week is Chicago Restaurant Week' First Bites...I'm excited and pleasantly nervous about this one!

You can do it too!!

*Create a list of things you like to do

*If you already have a list…go back and actually pick one thing this month you will do

*Set a date and tell your accountability/friends that you are going to do it

*Then go and actually Do it! Enjoy it, Giggle & Shimmy. Share it Post it

*Tag me so I can shimmy with you too @msinsmith @myskinisin #msiiadventures #msiijourney #msiiadventures

Ivey Nicole

Owner of My Skin Is In

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Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson
Jan 21, 2020

Thank you Ivey for this. I will......


Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson
Jan 21, 2020

Thank you Ivey for this.


Kimberly Martin (Esquivel)
Jan 21, 2020

Awwwee! I love this! 🤗

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