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Message in the Mirror

It’s like I’ve been in this beautifully crafted fishbowl where everyone is aware of the potential that is delicately wrapped around me and all can see in. I am perfectly secure in my bubble while the kids on Shorebrook Circle are riding bikes and popping wheelies outside my bedroom window saying...”Ivey, come outside to play...the air is sweeter over here".

Sorry guys, I’m safe in here, comforted by the consistency of schedules and predictable days of hard work and tired eyes. In reality, hiding the cracked voice filled with fear because I want to go and experience the adventures too! Putting up the facade that I am strong and don’t need to go...grounded by my own limiting mistakes.

I had this whole moment while standing in the mirror! Grateful and yet unsatisfied knowing that I can be more.

I don’t think it was one message or one statement. More like a buildup of pressurized moments accelerated by hot water streaming from my eyes at the brink of their boiling point fertilizing a continuous word of action:

You Must Live!

That’s how you change the world! By living the life you were ordained to follow. Yes submit, yes honor, yes serve all while going full force after what is assigned for your life. This isn’t a do this but not that. This isn’t you can have some but not more. It’s All AND GREATER. It’s more than enough. It’s abundance. It’s painful and scary while fulfilling and glorious.

Deep breath.

You are ok.

You are enough.

You can have fun.

And if you spill your drink or spit while talking just say it was the Glory of the Lord manifesting (tahehe).

A declarative statement of freedom

Hey, I do love you. But I have to love me more.

Break off this inaccurate religious mindset that I've placed on myself that told me that I couldn’t go. I couldn’t explore and that I couldn’t experience adventure. Free me to take the limitations off of my heart and mind to walk boldly in to what is destined for me to experience. I will live!! An abundant and radiantly infectious life that is pleasing to the Father and that draws men and women in to the vision of their own greatness.

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Feb 02, 2020

Omg thank you for your encouragement! I really appreciate it!


Feb 01, 2020

Iveyyyyyy!! First your words jumped off the page at me. You are a storyteller. Thank you for this inspiration of love.

I am ok.

I am enough.

I can have fun.


Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson
Jan 31, 2020

I will live!! too!!

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