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Where the Wild Ones are Born.

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I am my grandparents’ wildest dreams manifested. I have to live fully. Quitting or being average is simply unfashionable.

I owe it to their fight. Their struggle.

Their hopes.

Their failures.

Their sacrifices.

Their purpose for pressing was so that I can simply try. The legacy of them lives in and through me. I can’t just give up. I have to push for more, hope for more because I have been groomed for this with late night shifts and pennies adding up to stacks against crumpled bills due. With gravy and rice and preparing filling meals for empty bellies. This is what greatness is made of. Guts and Grit. Audacity and Relentlessness. Imagination and Hope. Hope for the next.

Hope for better.

If just one answers then there is success but if more come then we can hear well done. Let the rejoicing begin in the heavenlies because I’ve only just begun and the roots are strong and deep. Filled with passion and pain and aching bones that understand the necessity to keep moving.

Already inside of me is something that is unfathomable.

A seed.

A dream.

A thought.

Germinated by prayer and conversation.

Cultivated by environments of worship and faith.

Birthed out in a world of fear and hate and needing to be protected from direct impact and the influx of shame.

This one is revolutionary.

A change agent.

The one they are searching for.

Some how they always knew it but didn’t know how to say it. Words were unknown of how to express that the dream is alive and has taken on a new shape and new formation. It’s morphed into a movement they didn’t know existed and will develop to function differently in the earth.

Some may say we come from simple, humble beginnings...for some maybe it’s really just complex and difficult. A world that seems to no longer exist but lasts in a special place in our heart carried on by stories and laughter. My Skin Is In is their idea...their dream manifested and I just happened to be the one who said yes.

So I will run. With the sun beaming on my brown skin kissed face and the wind in my coily thick hair; Like a wild one. One of their wildest dream manifested!

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